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What we do:

Strategic and methodological approach to business expansion.

When it comes to business development, sales growth or the expansion of strategic partnerships – in collaboration with your company, we provide a range of ideas, activities and initiatives in relation to the local and Scandinavian and northern European markets. Since 2008 we have worked primarily with technological high-end products and related services affiliated to the industrial, marine and offshore sectors.

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How we work:

The bigger picture.

Your demands for specific parts within the area of business and sales development can be numerous like: need for sales growth, customized business expansion plan, supporting forming partnerships, physical establishment, sourcing, networking building and many more.

No task is too small, but some can undoubtedly go beyond the scope -we are aware of this and know our limitations. Therefore, contact us for an initial dialogue about what we can do for your business.


  • Business Development

We provide you with the insight, ideas and processes that will help you make your business grow long term. Understanding who your customers are, looking at existing markets, seizing opportunities to create new markets and perhaps new products, working on your brand, connecting with the right people – these and many more elements are crucial in forming a strategy to help your business grow. Through careful analysis and strategic, methodical planning, Knowhow Alliance will create a plan to make sure you achieve your goals now and in the future.

  • Sales

Selling your product is at the very core of your business. You want to sell a product or a service, that’s why you started the business in the first place. It is also how you generate an income that keeps your business moving forward. So how do you best do that and how do you successfully set new sales targets? The answer is in your customers. You need to know who they are, what they need and what they want. What their concerns are and how you can help them overcome the obstacles. You need to know the market. You need to know who else sells similar products. Knowhow Alliance helps you understand all this set goals over a period of time – and achieve them too.

    • Marketing

    Marketing links your product to your customer. It is how you make the world aware of your business, promote and maintain your brand. By carefully identifying your customer and maintaining their awareness of your business through various channels such as your company website, social media and adverts, marketing makes you sell. Or by more direct ways like phone calls, personal visits and shows. The way you present your business is also how you manage its reputation and ethics, which can make or break your brand. We can help you make the right choices for your business.

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    • Strategic initiatives, partnerships or agents

    Growing your business is all about relationships. Let us help you identify and connect with the right people that can add the right new skills and opportunities to your existing business. Teaming up with a larger company with an existing infrastructure can help a small business in the same way that a small niche business with a specific set of specialized skills can add more depth to a big business. Or does it make more sense to form a partnership with existing businesses on the market? Or should you rather choose an agent to take care of business for you. Knowhow Alliance will help you find the right solution for you and your business and put you on the path to a more successful future by weighing up the pros and cons.

    • Vendor management

    Your vendors are the suppliers and service providers that provide goods and services to your business. It could be a few, it could be many. Either way, they all need individualized  attention. Vendor management is when we find the right vendors for your business, obtain the necessary quotes, negotiate contracts, maintain the relationship, evaluate and pay them on time. We help you find the right vendors that match your expectations, monitor their performance and manage them by ensuring they stick to the contract and do their job.

    Business development
      • Negotiating, networking and lobbying

      Relationships are crucial to keeping a presence on a market. Whether it is maintaining old ones or creating new ones. This is a soft skill that shouldn’t be neglected or even disregarded as it is necessary to building a network of suppliers, partners, customers, agencies and authorities. Healthy relationships also make it easier to negotiate new deals, create and seize opportunities. Let us do the talking and put you on the path to a more efficient future.

    About us:

    Since establishment in 2008, Knowhow Alliance ApS has successfully solved numerous tasks for many different companies – from advisory services and consulting assignments to targeted sales and marketing activities.

    We are specialized in generating revenue for companies within the marine, offshore and industry-based sectors focusing primarily on markets in Scandinavia and Northern European countries.  


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